Thursday, 5 February 2009


Hi, my name is Glenn! I am a student from Southampton studying Journalism at Winchester University. As part of the first year of this course I have been asked to set up a blog to keep track of what goes on in this crazy world, and to add my spin on it. This is what it will be used for, but don't be surprised if I get on my soapbox and start commenting/moaning about something that's totally off the agenda.

Me? Well, I have a relatively comfortable life but anyone who knows me will know that I carry on as if I'm the most hard-done-by person in the universe!

What do I like? Music that doesn't conform to the mainstream, Southampton FC (I may well have to open that can of worms on here soon), Facebook, getting up when I want, being independent...

...What do I dislike? Music that conforms to the mainstream, Portsmouth FC, spending money, getting up early, my job at the co-op, ignorant people...

There are, of course, many other things that I like/dislike...but c'mon, you're losing the will to live already aren't you?!

Anyway, watch this space and I'll try and take a break from my busy teenage life and give you something worth reading.

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  1. Glenners!

    I'm liking it son, good intro and first article! I'll look forward to seeing you open that big old can of Southampton worms!