Monday, 8 June 2009


Last night, UK Health Secretary Andy Burnham called it a "sad day for British politics" following the BNP's acquisiton of two seats in the European Parliament.

But are the failures - the recent "sad days" - attributed to the mainstream parties to blame for this recent shift towards centre and far-right politics in this country?

Burnham said: "It's not a good night for anybody who campaigns against racism in politics, they [the BNP] wear suits but at heart that's the kind of party they are."

The BNP had the most success around Yorkshire and the North-West of England in the European vote. Elsewhere, the results have most notably seen the worst results for Labour since World War II and encouraging signs for the UK Independence Party.

BNP leader Nick Griffin hailed his party's results as "a great victory."

Griffin also attacked the UK's governments actions over the past 50 years: "In so many ways the liberal élite have transformed this country and as they've done so, they've forced people to be quiet about it with laws which make telling the truth an offence," he said.

- The expenses scandal particularly couldn't have come at a worse time for Labour and an under-fire Gordon Brown.

Watch Griffin's speech in full...

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