Thursday, 23 July 2009


At 103, Ivy Bean still knows how to live life to the full.

Mrs. Bean is the oldest social networker on Facebook and Twitter and has fans across the world.

Ivy, pictured with her Twitter profile, recently went on a three-day trip to Blackpool with friends from her Bradford care home. She then posted pictures from the wild weekend online, which were greeted with hoards of comments from her online fan club.

Her party of five had a combined age of 436!

Ivy told The Sun how much she enjoys partying: "We may be old but we're young at heart. I'm having more fun than ever," she said.

The charming lady also spoke to The University of Winchester's Kayleigh James this week. Ivy - a keen follower of Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Manchester United - said: "I went onto Facebook to keep in touch with my family, I had 9 friends, then when it went into the paper I had 5,000 from all over the world. People are so kind."

"Then twitter asked me if I would like to join and I just said: 'why not?' I love being on both," she added.

Ivy already has 23,000 followers on Twitter and 5,000 friends (with 18,000 further requests) on Facebook. On her Twitter she posted: "...sorry if I can't add you on Facebook but I have 18,000 friend requests waiting and I am only allowed 5,000 friends."

Care home manager Patricia Wright revealed in The Sun that another fun-filled outing is not far away: "They are already planning their next visit. People were screaming and shouting at them," she said.


  1. Ivy is amazing! Great post Glenn :) x

  2. She is a legend in her own lunchtime!

    Thank you :) x