Saturday, 3 October 2009


Released: 28th September 2009
Length: 43:16
Label: Polydor

Ian Brown’s sixth solo album brings together a lot of what the manic mancunian is about – as the title would suggest. But this is not one of his better moments.

‘Stellify,’ the first single to come from the album, opens up ‘My Way’ bursting with Brown’s larger than life sound. He said he still had something to say in the lead up to this LP, which appears the case in his video as he is seen walking the streets of Manchester with the 40-strong Northern Star Marching Band.

‘Crowning of the Poor’ is as provocative in its meaning as ‘Stellify’ is in its sound. Brown has always been known for big opinions and ‘My Way’ is no different as he bellows lines like: “billionaires in the yachts can’t, live the life that I got, can’t, zillionaires on the plots can’t stop the crowning of the poor.” ‘In the Year 2525’ follows suit but in the form of a light-hearted critique of man in the future: “in the year 5555...your legs got nothin’ to do, some machine doin’ it for you,” he bluntly predicts.

It’s never all doom and gloom with the ex-Stone Roses lead singer, as he exposes his bubbly and dreamy qualities in ‘Just Like You’ – and ‘Marathon Man’ confirms that he is likely to remain this way.

Then there’s the mellow and reflective side of Ian Brown, the side that falls in between the political wordsmith and the loud, in your face mancunian. ‘Always Remember Me’ is almost his version of a ballad while the mesmeric ‘For The Glory’ shows his modest side.

The LP musically picks itself up again with ‘Own Brain’ with some flashy guitar and Stellify-like energy thrown in. As F.E.A.R showed everybody, Brown likes to play with words, and ‘Own Brain’ does the same as it is an anagram of his name.

However, the following two tracks ‘Laugh Now’ and ‘By All Means Necessary’ don’t have as much to offer or say in an album that otherwise tells Ian Brown’s own vociferous story. Meanwhile, the closing track ‘So High’ would have more place in the last dance of a Caribbean wedding, but displays plenty of personality and style – a constant feature of ‘My Way.’


Ian Brown really does do it his own way in this LP that is packed with the elements of him that have made him so successful. Overall, however, not the best collection of tracks he has ever produced.

Rating: 7/10

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  1. Ian Brown is a talented man and never fails to produce an album that I am proud to own! And THIS, is coming from a 17 year old girl - one with an eclectic music taste must I mention before I'm shoved into the category of 'stupid teenager, don't know a damn thing'. I'm also scottish. If that kinda thing surprise you, which I'd really hope not - I hate ANY judegement being passed after hearing a little-what should be-insignificant fact.
    Just because this album isn't the same as his others, the same goes for each of his albums. That is what makes him, well, HIM.
    My respect for Ian Brown as a person, a music artist and lyric producer is immense.
    That is all. (: