Wednesday, 20 January 2010


I have decided to clean up my blog as part of my mission to get this site "on the map" so I have made a separate blog for my music called 'The Trance Hutt!'

Over the last few days I've been moving my posts on all things trance to that site and my Alexa Rank has suffered as a result.

The reason for this decline isn't that it was a bad idea to make this choice, it is just the spiders/bots getting used to this dramatic change I have made to my content and its tags.

Once the spiders see that I have 'purified' my content, I hope that my page and Alexa rank will start going up again, but at a quicker rate than before.

In the meantime, this blog still remains in the top 200,000 in the U.K and user's 'time on site' has risen by 162% to 9.25 minutes on average.

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