Wednesday, 26 May 2010


This video follows the UKIP candidate for Eastleigh, Ray Finch. It was part of the Election 2010 coverage from Winchester News Online.


  1. Tbis is absoliutely brilliant - totally watchable - that man is a fantastic character. It needs a bleep when he calls them "bastards" - I will add that. Labour and Tory 'two cheeks of the same arse" - fantastic . I am going to edit this together with Vron's Tory over the summer. There's a few technical problems with the lighting and the voice over in one of the cutaways - you could have lingered on the faces a bit more to achieve that "Creature Comforts" effect. Well done... this is one of the most poignant and engaging student films I have ever seen in a long time. It really is very, very good. You should get a camera hired out over the summer and just make a lot of observational films about odd dislocated characters like this... football fans, traffic wardens.... avoid the people who are 'officially interesting' like the man with the world record for eating watercress - those characters are good for news, but you need more Mesaurault lost/doomed/Quixotic characters.

    You definately have found the Don Quixote of Eastleigh here (look it up).

    In case you have not seen creature comforts - here it is. It is the all-time humdinger of Vox Pops, a 'obervational film'. They achieve the 'alienation' And 'anthroplogist from Mars' effect by transposing the voice puppets of appropriate cute/aggressive animals.

    So this is anthropolgy of the highest order. For anthropology see John Frum and the human propensity for ritual (Cargo Cults):

    ALSO: 'Anthropolgist from Mars'

    Creature Comforts.

    Love your film though - one of the best student features I have seen. You should enter it for competitions - so should Vron. Not looked at many others yet though.

    It is fairly warm to UKIP so you should altert them on their website to look at it - that will get a lot of view - but DON'T do that yntil I have move your film on to the Winchester Journalism tube tbe channel because the traffic is better there, also it does need a slight re-edit which I will do.

    I am going to cut it together with Vron's film and the other stuff, and some third year stuff done with Steve Brine. Need some Labour and Lib Dem action as well - and ther we have it not just the Guaridan Media award but a possible BAFTA!

    I had a quick look at Catherine on the Socialist Alliance. That's good, but not so naturalistic, but there's elements of that which will ive the edited togetehr film a life.

    Anyway I am stuck with marking a ton of stuf so I will get round to editing it all together when I can - probably not much before July though.

  2. This is fantastic - well done. More comments later

  3. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for all the comments. Glad you liked it, it's great to get such praise when you put so much into something...definitly one of the things I'm most proud of that I've done at uni; I really enjoyed doing it as well!

  4. Its a star piece - not perfect (you included too much expo by him on his theory of history) but really good. Golden stuff with him reflecting on how odd it is what he is doing. It shows that quality only comes from putting in the effort/time. Same as anything...