Thursday, 11 February 2010


In my busiest and hardest week at WINOL, I have ended up very disappointed.

I volunteered to be presenter for the Wednesday bulletin but it was very frustrating when it came to transmission.

Poor script (including the same story written twice), too many takes, black holes. Not fun.

I was praised for my presenting, but was still disappointed about the final product.

I was happier with my progress earlier in the week...

On Monday I had plenty of potential stories ready for the news team, at least if anything fell through. I had signed up to mailing lists from many local press releases from local councils, governments, charities etc.

On Tuesday I continued with forward planning before going out to film with Claire and Tom. We had a certain degree of success on Claire’s pothole story. We managed to find a team at work filling in potholes through our lines of enquiry (news is about people doing things).

I helped out with two more packages on Wednesday with
Stu. One of which included getting vox pops on a housing story. The other involved thefts in the library and we interviewed the PCSO who was patrolling the campus; although it was filmed hours before the bulletin, it really should have been included in it.

Needless to say, the feedback was less than positive in the debrief, which was disheartening after I worked hard for WINOL this week.

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