Wednesday, 3 February 2010


In my role as Deputy News Editor of WINOL, forward planning is extremely important when it comes to getting stories.

I have already subscribed to the mailing lists of Winchester City Council, Hampshire County Council, Southampton City Council and Test Valley Borough Council. The press releases that come from them will open up more avenues for potential stories and follow-ups.

I will focus on contacting specific departments tomorrow by using the (ridiculously useful) white book that lives in TAB 9. This will help me to assign certain beats to members of the news team.

I will also work on ENPS with Brian, which will hopefully help us to save time and be even more organised!


  1. Hey look at you getting started :) Anything I can help with? Just gimme a yell!

  2. I know, good aren't I :) Okay, will do...thank you :) Oh btw, with your blog, have you set up meta tags? If not, I can show you how to do it some time...

  3. Yo - page rank two and alexa rank in top 3 million and rising!

  4. Last few times I've checked it's gone down, even though I've cleaned this blog up loads! I hope it is going back up now though

  5. Dunno how to do mega tags so yes please, if theres ever a minute over I would appreciate that very much!