Monday, 22 February 2010



Me and Grant noticed that the latest Bournemouth Match Report was called...'Bournemouth Match Report'!

This is so bad. Why?

REASON 1: We do not know what report it is! Is it on their last game? The Rochdale game? The Torquay game? For example, a Saints fan will go looking for a report on a specific game (i.e - last game, Norwich) not any old 'Saints Match Report.'

REASON 2: It just looks awful. If I was Sports Editor of the BBC, I would want to sack the person who wrote 'Saints/Bournemouth/Winchester City Match Report' as their title/headline/thing you click on to get full story!

If we can't do a clever play on words as our headline (e.g - Guy Butters Winchester Up) then just use the score as the headline (e.g - Norwich 0-2 Southampton).

You might call me barking mad, but that report was on the front page today (which is bad enough) and if I hadn't heard of WINOL and saw that, I would probably move on to another site!

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