Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Planning planning planning!

On Monday, I was a planning like crazy, making the most of the little there is to plan for. I was given the run around by Hampshire County Council when I enquired about their budget, but we'll be back!

Unfortunately, the friendliest press officer appears to be from the Environment Agency - one of the least newsworthy sources for Winchester at the moment.

On Tuesday, I went out filming with Tom on his 'paedo story'. The interview of one of the victims, that came just after sentencing, was quite emotional so it was beneficial to have experienced it. In journalism, one can't make a living interviewing politicians all the time, you have to be in more difficult situations at times. This is my first experience of a true crime story and it was valuable that I was able to go through it.

During Wednesday's morning meeting, it became clear that we were light on material. It enforced the need for 'stock' stories, packages that are almost timeless, in the event of these slow weeks.

Sports Editor Grant Payne did well to cover up for the light material by using his contacts; he managed to get a last minute interview with Winchester's Rugby Coach Mike Marchant. Yours truly was also good at playing the Sports team's taxi to make it happen!

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