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My take on 'Wings of Desire' (1987) with Existentialist theory (Part 2)

At the Coffee Bar I

Der Filmstar tells Damiel (still an angel) at a Coffee Bar how great it is to be, to exist, to feel - the simple things in life.

Damiel is dying to feel the things that humans do - particularly love - the love he has developed from watching Marion.

At the bridge

Damiel and Cassiel seem to show the more optimistic side on Existentialism when they talk at a bridge by a river.

Existentialists believe you create your own tale in a never ending story; they long to make their own story: "I want to conquer a history for myself".

"We learned to speak"
Link to Jean-Paul Satre: Why write? It is "the act of freedom".


As the films nears its end, Damiel truly appears to be at peace when he says: "I'll take her in my arms...she'll take me in her arms".

This is the one passionate commitment that Damiel makes when he becomes human

At the Coffee Bar II

Damiel feels the bliss that Der Filmstar spoke of. He gulps a piping hot coffee but doesn't care - he is so jubilant to feel what humans can.

Circus II

As Marion, the Trapeze Artist, is on the verge of the big time, she still feels full of angst as she constantly thinks to herself. She is superstitious as there is a full moon - the same as when her dreams were last crushed.

Then, in an impossible alignment with Damiel, Marion suddenly seizes life for herself: "It doesn't matter".

She goes on to put up an excellent performance.

Meeting at bar at concert

And finally, in amongst all the suffering on the streets of Berlin, Damiel and Marion eventually meet (see video, above).

In keeping with the whole film, Damiel slowly turns to Marion, it is as if there is nobody else in the world: "there's no better story than ours".

Marion talks of her lack of purpose and confusion in life: "When I was with someone I was often happy, but at the same time it all seemed a coincidence".

"The taxi driver's daughter was my friend, but I might as well have put my arm round a horses neck", she adds.

She feels no doubt for the first time with Damiel. To an Existentialist, what had gone before and what is yet to come is irrelevant, they are in the moment, they are in love.

"From tonight there are no more coincidences".

"We are our destiny".

"Now or never"...

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