Monday, 15 March 2010


Notes from Angus and Brian's Debrief on Wednesday

Another professional performance for the bulletin this week.

General points

- We had some poor shots this week, not up to our best.

- Need to check spelling - "pavilion" spelt wrong.

- Editorially, we were overloaded with politics this week, although that is good in the sense we are able to get local candidates fairly easily.

- Josh gave clear direction in the gallery


1. 'Jellygate'

- Loads of legal problems!

2. Park & Ride

- Well scripted link

- Some pictures burnt out

- A lot of imagination with pictures

3. Army in Schools

- Good link

- Don't caption interviewees until they start talking.

4. Clamping

- Shame there were no soundbites/pictures with the Army

- Good example of balance for OFCOM.

- 'Hot' shots

5. E-Mail

- Good to let a last minte interview with Mick Jardine

A. Sport: AFC Totton Highlights

- Good scripting

- Too stilted

- Don't need full-time whistle, just do full-time caption on last shot

6. Fashion Show

- Used two cameras but one tape was corrupted. Quite a shame as it would have looked funkier!

- Sound issues

- Lots of good shots that could have been used for headlines

For this week

- Think about stretching our beat further from campus

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