Monday, 8 March 2010


Notes from Chris' Monday morning debrief...

The bulletin was the best and most watched of the semester so far.

It was a lot more professional and slick than previous weeks and the mistakes, as explained below, are becoming smaller and smaller.

Story 1: Council

Joey more or less repeated Stu on the first line of his package, which is good to reiterate the story. He went to the opposition, which enabled us to use the verb 'slammed' for a hard news angle. The interviews were well framed. The second interviewee said some facts that we should have said. Overall, we need better quotes.

Story 2: Stock Exchange Simulator

Again some facts were in the quotes, so we needed more striking soundbites. However, it was technically brilliant with one interviewee looking left and the other looking right. Overall, OFCOM would have said the story was too positive as it didn't introduce any element of doubt (i.e. - it might be a flop).

Story 3: Big Tidy Up (NIB)

There was balance in this one, as it gave the general impression that it was a good UoW initiative but it was a flop. In terms of variety of shots, the best I've seen on WINOL.

Story 4: Fairtrade Week

Sadly, all the good things from the NIB weren't transferred to this package. It seemed like one big advert so there was an absence of balance.

Sport 1: Winchester RFC Finals Day

Grant really showed off his personality with his piece to camera; as an introduction to the highlights, it reminded me of something you would see on the Football League Show. It was called a 'crowded' venue, but the shot didn't empasize this as the shot wasn't tight enough. Although it is difficult with the means at our disposal, we need to try and get tighter in on the action - and get some emotional cutaways.

Sport 2: Graphic

Results well scripted and read.

Story 5: Web Archiving (And Finally)

A real disappointment editorially but needed a bit of balance. As one of the week's main stories surrounded council job cuts, we really could have made more of this (i.e. - crazy web archivists a waste of time and money). Technically very sound though!

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