Friday, 26 March 2010


Last week as Deputy News Editor of WINOL.

The last week supplied a nice surprise in the planning section. It now appears WINOL are on a media database as I received an E-Mail from BIS (The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills) without contacting them myself.

It spat up figures about the education sector (watch report above) and Editor-in-Chief Chris put me on the story.

I spent Monday getting (almost) everything in order and planning the structure of this - my first VT!

On Tuesday, I filmed an interview with a student teacher at the Uni in the morning. I then went to double check whether the Dean of the Faculty of Education etc could talk to me.

On Wednesday, I turned up at her office at the crack of dawn only for her to tell me she didn't want to go on camera. Okay, I didn't say: "I will be filming you" but I did have a PD170 in my hand when I asked for the interview the previous day.

LESSON LEARNED: Say "I will be filming you".

However...she did agree that I could turn the quotes into a statement, which is what I did. It's a shame as the piece would've been stronger if I could've had it on video. I also polished the VT off with fillers and voiceovers.

Jason put the voiceovers and stuff in the right place while I was picking up the Winchester City Manager Stuart Hussey (the studio guest). Thanks mate!

End of WINOL...for now! Looking forward to the challenge of News Editor next semester.

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