Wednesday, 10 March 2010


This was a very important week as the BJTC are coming to spy on us! But they didn't come in the end!

On Monday, I gave Jon the number for a councillor who specialises in car parking issues - the kind of story he is covering this week.

I also tried to get hold of our press officer...oh yes I did! Unsurprisingly, to no avail. I wanted to find out when the Uni is releasing their budget.

The Lib-Dem Deputy Leader was in town. He must have been the most famous person to be in Winchester (that isn't usually in Winchester) on that day, but we decided not to even go and see what he was doing. He must have been doing something! A potential local story that covered national agendas? He was on South Today that night...

On Tuesday, I helped Tom with his court report. We were covering a murder trial and it was the day of the verdict.

It seemed a very interesting case to follow - and it could have gone one of a few ways.

The defendant was cleared of murder and manslaughter to the despair of the victim's family.

Unfortunately, although the case was no longer active, the story had to be dropped as the defendant was proven innocent in a court of law. Obviously this was very frustrating for me and Tom, but there were too many libel dangers in the package, given that we were reporting on a now innocent man.

On Wednesday, I started planning for next week. I found something for Jon: King Alfred's reburial procession. This is set to be a crowded event, so there may be identification issues.

Me and Tom also noticed that people are getting waxed for Sport Relief next week. Tom: "Get Lucy on it!"

Paul also employed me to do some subbing on sport results and reports.

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