Thursday, 18 March 2010


Notes from Angus and Brian's debrief...

Stu's story was about the only 'shade' in the bulletin, and a strong piece as usual. Well-framed interviews, interesting shots. He persevered to get the material in the first place. Problems with sound levels but only because he was pushed for time.

For the vending machine break-in (my OOV). Done at short notice. Never been a reporter, so first proper thing I've edited. Libel (identification) problems, but never called him a "thief" - don't know what happened there.

Jon's SU piece was up to his usual high standards. His voice/scripting continues to improve while his sign off was to the point, more so than others this week.

Claire's Doormice/Park & Ride story was well done. It left too much suspense in the scripting though. AND don't introduce interviewee unless it's Radio!

In Sport, the highlights package had a few sound issues and neede softer edits, but the team are doing really well.

CVs 'And Finally' was pretty decent. She is one of the most confident in the group, as her PTC proved. Didn't quite make enough connection with our local audience though...

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