Monday, 1 March 2010


Notes from Chris Horrie's debrief on Monday morning...

The intro and headlines were a lot better this week and Stu read them well to reel in the audience. We just need to match up the headline shots with the corresponding top lines that the presenter reads out.

We have to jazz up our stories as much as possible. For example, "lashed out" in the intro to the first story is the kind of verb we want.

We need to avoid comment in our scripting. We should constantly use the conventinal 'subject, verb, object'. The subject should be the most important person on whatever story it is. In addition, we need to front the story with phrases like: "leading councillor" and not "Joe Bloggs"; if we give their function before their name, it makes more people stay to find out exactly who this story surrounds (better audience reach).

In the top story on the Trinity Centre, we got a good quote from the councillor, but we need to work on hardening them up - get the interviewee to say the most extreme thing as possible.

Hobbs churned out another bread and butter crime story. He protected one of the victims identities and made a point about it in the VT, which was to his credit. I went with Hobbs to film and we got some strong and emotional quotes from her.

The next story was about the ongoing parking problem in Winchester. We drifted into comment, which undermined the newsy element that was so tight in the first two stories. Tommy Geddes was there and we didn't interview; we needed to make more of this.

The scripting in Jon's norovirus story was very strong at the beginning of his package; he used a small amount of 'expo' but it was necessary in explaining what the virus is. However (sorry Chris!) there were too many facts told by the interviewee, such as "we're closing wards" - the WINOL reporters should say things like this.

Hand over from Stu to Lucy was very good - Hooray!

The sport was light again, so the team did well to get what they got. Jason's Rugby highlights were brilliant.

The Mike Marchant interview about upcoming fixtures was a good cover up for the lack of matches. Problems with the sound as the interview spot was very open to the wind. We need to be just as careful with our camera (framing) as choosing a quiet place for sound.

We then had our usual graphic for the local non-league; I thought this was scripted very professionally by the sports team and well read out by Lucy.

We had a strong 'and finally' story this week, which was very well put together by Veronica. She made a lot of the musicians nature as an extrovert while there were noddies and a good variety of shots. I think this package should be used as an example for our news packages in the coming weeks.

Events to look out for

19th April - Studio Discussion chaired by Joy Carter.

May (Date TBA) - WINOL Election Coverage

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