Saturday, 6 March 2010


Great bulletin this week, mainly because of great organisation.

We knew we were on the right track when we were on time with the headlines, leaving time to rehearse for the bulletin.

The council cuts story was put at the top as it was a local view of a national story. It had great structural qualities and was technically decent but it just needed to be rounded off with some facts. How many cuts? Percentage compared to other councils?

The story about the Stock Exchange Simulator was exactly what we want for the gallery. The package was eased in from Stu's link after Jon left a few seconds before his voice-over began. Again, it lacked a bit of flavour as it was a bit saturated with interviews, but a good piece.

Lucy's NIB of 'The Big Tidy Up' was really good. A great variety of shots and generally filmed and edited really well. However, the story about Fairtrade week wasn't quite as strong technically while there was little grasp on the story.


The Sports team did equally well this week. Their main Football fixtures were off this week, so they decided to cover a Rugby final between King Edward's and Peter Symonds College. Grant's piece to camera was very professional (slightly too long though) and set the scene before the highlights well. There was also great audio mixing during the highlights.

The Football results were then read out well by Lucy and scripted very well by the Sports team.

The 'And finally' about web page archiving had a lot of potential but we didn't really get to the heart of the story.

Overall, the packages were great and the mistakes are becoming a lot less significant. The professionalism and organisation in the gallery enabled these packages to be shown off while it was presented brilliantly by Stu and Lucy.

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