Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Notes from the Horrie Masterclass (not Debrief!) on Monday...

Avoid the passive voice...

ACTIVE: "Labour slams Tory plan" (S V O)
PASSIVE: "Tory plan was slammed by Labour" (O V S)

We avoided undue prominence on our package with the Green Party as we haven't used them very much. We have given the three main parties a lot more air time to keep with fair proportionality. We have further cover as the story was about the environment - the Greens' specialist subject.

The fashion show was vital to include in the headlines as a hook and to balance up the 'light and shade' of the bulletin. It was also great for pictures, which we were short of in news.

Don't forget the concept of 'function first'. For example, not everybody knows who Mick Jardine is and we didn't give his function, which is more important than his name.

EXAMPLES: Campus Union Boss Mick Jardine
The University of Winchester's Vice Chancellor Joy Carter

Our Production Editor failed to get the captions right on Sport last week, bringing about the concept of 'pass for press'. This means everything has to be 'signed off' before publication, or in this case - transmission.

GOOD NEWS to finish! We now have concrete evidence from the Freedom of Information Act that we do not need the press officer's permission if we want to talk to somebody from the Uni.

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