Thursday, 18 March 2010


New week, same old WINOL.

On Monday, me and Tom did our usual scrapping for stories on the internet, radio and TV and in the papers.

In the afternoon, Paul gave me some sub-editing to do. We need to make the site look as good as possible and it is always better if it is done in HTML mode. It might be a good idea if me and Paul go through this with Production.

On Tuesday, I went into Winchester to help Stu with his package on the upcoming road closure. We managed to get the Agent's business card, which will be useful when the road actually closes. I was pleasantly surprised at my imagination when I was on the camera!

We were light on Wednesday, so we looked for other last minute stories. We opted for the thefts that had gone on this week and I went to do an OOV on it. It had libel issues (apparently), as I (apparently) called the matey a thief.

...Oh well, what doesn't kill you and all that...

I then put some Sport on the site as well as some Hobbs pieces.

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